Who doesn't love a Powersuit? Ama Nwoke Giveaway!

Updated: Jun 19

Black women supporting Black women will always be a way of life. Who shows up for us better than we show up for ourselves? We are the best equipped to love, support, nurture and uplift one another. So when Matilda Nwoke of AMA NWOKE reached out to me about partnering for a giveaway I was SO down!

In the midst of the degrading imagery bombarding the media, several new black deaths daily, teaching basic knowledge to "allies" and general civil unrest a lot of us are NOT okay. I myself have been having good days accompanied by my fair share of down ones. It has been imperative that I lean on my community during these times. My Sunday Yoga Class has been slowly filling up with so many new members and I am so grateful to have that moment of restoration before beginning a new week. And if you aren't flowing with us... what are you doing? Sign up here!

Giveaways don't solve global issues, but if I can make a woman feel fly + support a high-end black designer in the process.. LET's GO!

I will be giving away her Emerald City Pant Suit to one winner!

To enter the Giveaway visit This Post on my Instagram, All the rules are there.

Let's be honest.... this suit is BOMB.COM Whenever supporting black businesses comes up as a topic of conversation I always see the devils advocates, "But there are no high end black designers. Everyone only makes t-shirts". LOOK HARDER, because we got the fashion industry on lock in case you haven't noticed!

Be well, and good luck on the giveaway <3

Use my cod BlKWomen10 for 10% off your Ama Nwoke purchase!

Photos by Mustapha Adewusi.

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