Fine Jewelry with a Cause + Makeup Diary #internationalwomensday

Updated: Apr 17

In full transparency my memory of International Women 's Day doesn 't extend further back than possible 4 - 5 years ago. I believe it was the wondrous Internet that introduced me to the day. This year, I am wearing the Stone and Strand Good Girl Cigar Band in support of Justice for Migrant Women.

Justice for Migrant Women has been engaged in educating lawmakers and other officials globally and throughout the U.S. about some of the issues that prevent migrant women from reaching their full potential and, even worse, pose a threat to their safety and security. Among these, we have spent significant time educating decision-makers about the widespread gender-based violence against migrant women at work, in their homes and in migration. (JMW website).”

The cause felt close to my heart, as I hail from a small farmer-working family of migrants. My maternal grandmother and many of her siblings fled the rural South of Mississippi to Chicago. I always informally interview and document my grandmother 's oral stories of life in the country & what it was like leaving home to a foreign place in search of work.

I wonder if the fate of my lineage would be different if the matriarchs of my family had known and benefited from such an organization?

For each ring sold, $15 will go to Justice for Migrant Women. The 14k Gold plated sterling silver ring retails for $65!

A little 90s super model face is always my default these days. I love the subtleties of this style of makeup. It’s always clearly a full face, but still has that soft Magazine spread ready appeal.

Product Details


  1. Bare Minerals BarePro foundation in Cardamom

  2. MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC42

  3. Glossier Blush In ‘Puff’

  4. Charlotte Tilbury FilmStar Bronze and Glow in Dark

  5. Kween Cosmetics powder in Caramel


  1. ABH Modern Renaissance palette

  2. Tart In Bloom palette

  3. Maelle Mascara


  1. Dark brown liner

  2. Bite Beauty Multi Stick In Anise

  3. Gold gloss on top

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