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Style File: What does one wear during a year long global pandemic & 4-day presidential election?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I'm sorry, #notsorry but I want to be fly through all life 's tests. Global pandemic + and 4-day presidential election included.

Yesterday I had to go pick up some clay + 3 ceramic pieces that were out of the glaze kiln. I decided to document the day's look because honestly the amount of times I leave the house are minimal, so each look counts.

This look is sooo chill but with all of the chic. Keep reading to hear about each piece.

Some folks seem to think the painted denim look is a cute trend. Me? I really just wear these when I have any risk of dirtying my pants + hands with art related materials. In this case, I really didn 't since I was only picking up from the studio + not staying to work. Nonetheless, these paired very nicely with this Just Don x Footlocker Collaboraid Tee.

The long dreaded cold weather season is amongst us and I have a new coat addition to keep me warm this season. I've been wearing a lot of pieces from Rouje as of lately. They have been *gifting* me pieces from the last couple collections, and I am obsessed with the Gerard Coat, which I am wearing in navy. It has been a whileeee since I've had a long winter coat. Maybe even since I was a little girl. The coat has a super soft feel, from the actual wool + mohair, to the rounded collar + circle buckle detail. This is a timeless piece worth investing in.

The Other clear star of this show is from another Parisian brand, Nat & Nin. This Burgundy cross Danerys satchel is the bag of my 70s retro dreams. When I selected this bag I knew I wanted something that could fit my laptop. This bag fits my 13-inch MacBook Pro, the charger, my wallet + even my sleek moleskin journal. The perfect bag for those days where I have to go to campus or to do work outside of the house.

Yuul Yie has it in the bag when it comes to sculptural shoes. The Stella Sock Boot features a unique chrome sphere and triangular heel. The croc embossed cow leather creates a pump shape, while the spandex acts a sock. When I saw these I knew they were IT. They are just so unique. Though, I will say when investing in a piece I like for it to be worth while. In retrospect I may have chosen a boot that was fully leather as opposed to one with spandex.

One of my ceramic children that I picked up yesterday. I'm soooo happy that I'll be re-opening my online shop at the top of 2021 + I'll have some home objects as well as wearables!

It is my hope that you are all getting along well + as always stay in touch with me!

Email me OR follow me on Instagram and shoot me a dm.

Bye for now.

xx, Mia

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