Sun Don't Shine in the Shade

It's Monday and I felt particularly compelled to speak on a subject that has been crossing my mind a lot lately. Have you ever heard the saying, "The sun doesn't shine in the shade?". Many may instantly think The Life of Pablo of Kanye's song Waves, but that's not the connection I'm making. This saying is something my grandmother has said for as long as I can remember. This past month I have finally assigned my own meaning to the phrase. My interpretation is that: My blessings won't come if I'm too busy worrying negatively about the blessings of others. Or, that nothing positive will be able to penetrate a negative space.

As some of you reading may know, I am a young artist, art student, and blogger. I create and sell artwork, run my blog, and have a Youtube Channel, and in university. It is very easy to get discouraged in all of the industries that I am apart of. Whether it be older adults and peers criticizing my field of study, being taken serious as a young creative, or low follower count on the internet, there are several aspects in which I have been discouraged from my dreams. But, it doesn't stop me. I know for a strong fact that I was put on this Earth with the power of free-will and my destiny is MY CHOICE. I'm choosing to work hard and grow daily and that is choice everyone can make. When you focus on self, and dedicate your energy to bettering SELF all will be well, and that is the exact purpose of this post.

I'm here to tell you, the sun isn't going to have the chance to shine on your beautiful face if you are standing in the shade. The shade can be self-doubt, jealousy, comparison and even the negative opinions of others. Don't wallow in darkness and expect light to come to you.

Let's talk about the forms of shade and how to remove ourselves from them.


The spirit of comparison is very much alive these days, especially on social media. We spend hours each day scrolling and getting only glimpses of the lives of our peers and role models. It is very easy to want to compare what someone else has going on to what is happening in our own lives. The only time comparison is good is if it's constructive. If you are comparing yourself and wishing you had what someone else does, stop. Have what is for you. Everything that is yours, will find it's way into your life. That's not to say it will be easy, but with handwork, passion, and consistency any dream of yours WILL come true.


This is probably the shade I find myself standing in most often and in my eyes it is the worst type. Self-doubt is so bad because if you don't believe in you.. who will? Almost everything in life is perspective and attitude. Having a positive mindset and attitude will set you down the right path. If your mind is filled with thoughts of inadequacy, worthlessness, and hesitancy then your actions will reflect that. Thoughts are just as powerful as words. Recurring thoughts are internalized and project themselves over our actions. Shift your mindset to reflect the fact that you are deserving of everything you want.


Often times this shade stems from the first, Comparison. It's easy to become jealous or envious of someone if you are constant comparing your life to theirs, which may happen to seem better than yours at the moment. Don't fret, don't panic, and don't worry. Being jealous is never the way. It's ugly AF! Jealousy requires you to be worried about someone else's business. Become so engulfed in your work, your hobbies, and own life that you won't think twice about someone else's, let alone have the time to be jealous!

Negative Opinions

People talk. And it's not always positivity, that's just the way it is. It doesn't matter much because talk is extremely cheap. That doesn't go to say that words can't be hurtful, but that we can choose to ignore. In my early years I suffered badly from wanting to be accepted by everyone. I was an artist and I was different, and I would always end up with my feelings hurt because everyone had something to say. My mom always said, "Fuck them" and that's what I'm telling you. Don't let naysayers, haters, and nonbelievers stop you from living the life you deserve.

Step out of the shade, and let the beauty and blessings of the Sun shine its light over your life!

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