Vetements: Why the Hype?

Here we are, early February 2017(fashion month), and Vetements has been the big buzz for over a year now. It’s everywhere! In a fashion world that is so engulfed in and inspired by streetwear, it is no surprise that Vetements is such a hot commodity. Vetements, French for "clothing", first debuted in 2014, so this Parisian fashion collective is fairly new. Despite that fact, head designer Demna Gvasalia has a relatively impressive resume. He recently took over as Creative Director for Balenciaga, and has worked on design teams for Louis Vuitton and Margiela.

The often called "radical" fashion collective's most notable pieces vary from a hoodie that says hoodie, boots with a lighter heel, extendo sleeve sweatshirts, and graphic tees. Those who are not well-versed in fashion would no doubt look at the garments and wonder if it's serious. But for the niche crowd the brand caters to, or those who know, these pieces are everything. Fashion celebs from Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, to fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni and YoYo Cao can be seen sporing Vestments.

I know by this point you're probably thinking, "Okay, if everyone loves it. What's the problem?". I don't necessarily have a problem with Vetements, I just often wonder Who is actually paying $1,240 for a hoodie that reads, "Sexual Fantasies" ? Many of the brands pieces are relatively typical street style pieces with their own slogans and phrases thrown onto them. The A/W 2017 collection features a knock-off Justin Bieber tour march tee... and no I am not joking. Many people feel like contemporary fashion brands met up at a convention and just divided regular clothing items, made claims on them, and decided to quadruple the price. Off-white took the bomber and added stripes, and Hood By Air maybe took the tee. Now don't get me wrong, I know practically every brand has some basic items that they tax us for and it only has a logo, but many feel brands like Vetements are seemingly built on generic logos/phrases.

Hopefully us as fashion consumers are not the butt of the joke. Do you think there is a certain poetic artistry and structured concept to the line, or are they joking on us?

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