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Lamiah Gholar (She/Her)

Chicago, USA

We as humans inhabit the Earth and historically certain cultures have believed we are one with the Earth, not separate from it. A belief I hold is that we are in constant co-creation with the natural and artificial worlds around us, whether consciously or unconsciously. I am interested in the ways mindfulness and slow living play a role in the increased quality of life for Black communities globally. What happens when we are able to reclaim black time back from the industrial world? What exactly is black time? It could be argued that conventional ways of thinking about time are irrelevant to black time. I am committed to investigating what is happening in this liminal space and peeling back the layers of the margins black people exist in, to imagine new worlds where healing is possible.

Gholar 's studio practice consists of painting, photography, collage, sculpture and printmaking.  Taking inspiration from her lineage of West African + Native American migrants from the rural south she explores themes of reindigenization, healing generational trauma & consciousness expansion. Gholar 's work is anchored in the Akan concept of Sankofa, and she creates with the intention to evoke feelings of curiosity, (dis)comfort and inspiration towards living a holistically conscious life of individual and collective growth. A registered yoga instructor, she offers Kemetic Yoga classes to her community as a means of empowering class attendees towards self-empowerment, holistic healing and recovery from traumatic life experiences. Researching, educating, and creating with a focus on her strong passion for building community through artistic expression, cultural studies and holistic wellness Gholar is leaving her digital footprint for her current audience and resonant spirits of the future.

Outside of her scholarly + entrepreneurial work she collaborates with fashion, beauty + wellness brands. Mia has partnered with and been featured in campaigns for clients such as Fuji Film, NYLON, Nike, Glossier, UGG Australia, Journey 's etc.,  She has also been featured in publications like Vogue, GraziaUK, New York Magazine, &  PLEASE Magazine.

CV + Art Catalog available upon request.

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