5 Things Bringing Me Joy During Quarantine

When I first got the news from my part time teaching job that the Art center + community studios would be shutting down I was just certain it would only be a month we'd be gone. We are now moving into 2 and half months since the shelter in place was put into effect.

In the time that has elapsed I've seen my share of weary days, but Joy has definitely prevailed in a plethora of ways.

1. Getting Dressed

I truly am a Venusian woman, My affinity towards art, beauty and aethetics is something that brings me a sense of happiness and meaning in life. Getting dressed and particularly in bright anduplifting colors has been keeping my spirits high

Top Issey Miyake, Skirt Baum und Pferdgarten, Heels Urban Outfitters

2. Baking

The women in my family are spectacular bakers, with their specialty being cakes, pies and tea cakes. I've been trying my hand at a couple new recipes and the best thing I've made this quarantine was my granny's German Chocolate cake.

Something my granny and any great chef I've witnessed reminds me of is the beauty in moving slowly and diligently. Spending more time in the kitchen and homemaking makes me more reflective about the state of my Homelife. For many of us this unexpected shift is allowing is time away from the machines of constant work and if we are willing we can extend some extra energy and focus towards things that are often neglected on a domestic level.

3. Nature Walks

For the month of April I participated in a 30 day 5k challenge alongside my mother. Each day we would run through the nature trail near our home. It is so refreshing because most days aside from an essential groceries run, the run was my only time spent outdoors. Having fresh air was so relieving and helped aid in unclogging my airways. Since then I will take an occasional walk to shoot some content or do my daily yoga flow outside on the balcony.

4. Gratitude Journaling

Finding gratitude in our day to day life gives us purpose + reason, aids us in our struggles against adversity and opens us up to recognizing BLESSINGS. I am a huge advocate for journaling. On my nightstand sits a dream journal, emotional journal and a couple other random mini ones but The Gratitude Journal is something that is new to me, This Journal snapshot was from March 23rd 2020.

5. Book Club/Reading

I joined my friend Raquel's book club and our first read was Bell Hooks' All About Love. Just observing via social media, I have gathered that this book is having a mini resurgence among young college aged black women. I am here for it. Outside of this book I've been feasting on Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler, Fourheaded Women by Opal Palmer Adisa, and Barracoon: The Story of the Last "Black Cargo" by Zora Neale Hurston (shoutout Radical Love Consciousness for the free PDF),

What have you guys been doing to stay gracious during this time?

Reminder: I am open to discussion via comment section or email <3 iamghogho@gmail.com

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