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Style File: Big Coats & my Newfound Love for This Copenhagen Brand

Updated: May 22, 2020

It is officially coat season which is a bittersweet thing in Chicago. The temperatures last week hit the freezing point and for me that means thinking of ways to be cute without compromising my wellbeing. A statement coat is essential to each cold weather season; this year I think I've found mine.

The "Diri Coat" by Baum und Pferdgarten is a dual fabric puffy-esque coat with a brown/navy plaid at front and a traditional khaki at the back. Looking from the front the coat, complete with button closures, resembles an oversized tailored suit jacket.

While it has a very quirky look, it is proving to be extremely functional. The coat is fully lined so it's perfect for winter weather. This is a key element I look for when selecting coats for the season. There is nothing I hate more than a gorgeous coat that is just for fashion. I need the warmth!

Baum und Pferdgarten is a mid-high end scale brand. As you guys know I am a frugalista when it comes to fashion. I prefer to have a good selection of anchor items as investment pieces, mixed with more economical everyday articles of clothing.

I paired khaki paper bag pants with a cute tan zebra print boot, both of which are from Urban Outfitters. The Terra High-wait Paperbag pant is such a timeless silhouette. They have button closures for fashion, but are cinched by the drawstring bits at the front.

The Mila Boot is a super trendy statement boot with a very comfortable heel. I thought these paired nicely with my vintage calf hair Fendi baguette. I was hesitant to mix patterns with this coat, but having the shoes and bag bounce off of each other felt right. Mixing patterns is something I'm starting to find my groove in and want to experiment with more in the future.

Overall I love how this look turned out and am looking forward to sharing more Style Files with you guys this winter :)


Mia Ghogho

All photos by Morta Pau .

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