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Seasons changing, but your wardrobe has not: 4 Fall Transitional Style Tips.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Let’s face the truth: Every single season change does not call for new clothes. I know that the modern template for fashion is a quarterly roll out of styles suited to each season. For most people that is unrealistic, not attainable for their lifestyle and some engage in slower fashion for the sake of our planet. Myself included in all three of the aforementioned.

Today I’m going to share 4 things I do to amp my season transitional looks all the way up.

1. Wear tights/stockings

Stockings are actually sexy, classy, and bomb as f*ck! Whether you choose a basic neutral, an unexpected pattern, or a pop of color to accent your look stockings are a way to not only look elegant, but stay warm in the cold.

In this look I went for my favorite red tights to give a monochromatic feel to the look. These particular tights are opaque & if it was cold enough I could layer another pair underneath.

2. Layer up with Thrifted Pieces

This tip is a two in one. Layering + thrifting. In my experience thrift shops have some of the best blazers + light outerwear for dirt cheap. Search for blazers or jackets that can act as an anchor piece for a look and a closet staple!

I snagged this piece from a local thrift called Encore... it was $11. That is definitely over the price I typically pay on my thrift pieces, which is usually around $1 - 5. Nonetheless, I purchased it because I knew it had potential, as red is one of my favorite colors and I would be taking in the waist to fit me better.

3. Still wear your open toe shoes

I know some people look at this as a sin, but have I ever cared? Some of my favorite shoes are open/sandal type and I hate that I can’t have access to them in the cold. While the weather has not hit freezing I love to implement open shoes with tights OR thick wool socks.

4. Style long sleeves under dresses

This one might be my favorite to do. I have so many summer dresses that i just adore so much, and they look even cuter with a complementing top under.

Here I layered my DIY Feathered Sleeve Top, under a simple black slip dress. If you haven’t already, watch my YouTube tutorial linked above to turn your own top into a feathered sleeve!

Other outfit deets


Unrealesed Ghogho Goods

Snake necklace




Let me know how you guys liked the tips + look. I always love hearing you guys feedback ❤️

1 comment

1 Comment

Oct 23, 2019

Don’t really know why you popped up in my mail box but i’m glad! Look is bomb, bold, love the red. I hate commenting but I had to say this

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