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Exploring The Gems of Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is a port city whose coast kisses the entrancing Caribbean Sea and made for the perfect introduction to Colombia. For seven days I explored the colors, cultures, sights and sounds of Colombia 's 5th largest city and I soaked in every single minute.

I traveled with a group as a part of a family friend 's birthday trip and majority of the excursions I went on were pre-planned by travel agency Paper Planes and Passports. I have nothing but great things to say about PPP, but most importantly I appreciate the immersion into the local culture. Each of our group experiences supported mom + pop businesses and gave us the inside eye into the complex + diverse cultures of Cartagena.

Best Things I Did

Aviario Nacionale De Colombia

\mbia has the most bio-diverse birdlife in the world, with over 1,900 species of of birds? At the Aviary I took a journey through various avifauna conservation domains and gazed at over 300+ bird species, many of which are endangered. This place is truly a hidden gem that I wo

Luxury Accommodation at Casa San Agustin

While I am a tried and true AirBnB gal, nothing can beat the hospitality + intimacy of a luxury boutique hotel. I remember telling my mother who was traveling with me, "The people hear truly love their job." Every single staff member was pleasant + truly catered to each individual. From the immaculate complimentary breakfast, to the spa and stunning architecture, everything was top-tier!

Yachting to The Islands

Our trip kicked off with an absolute BANG. We were at the marina by 8am and didn't reach back until 5pm. We visited Rosario + Cholon Island, with the latter being known as "The Party Island" for a true full day experience with every single moment cherished.

Palenque African Herritage Tour

I didn't foresee myself crying on this trip but the joy + history we divided into in Palengue was so much more than my heart was prepared for. Palenque is a small town that was founded by Benkos Biohó, a Guinean born man brought to Colombia during the transatlantic slave trade. The Story or Benkos reminded me and many of us of Harriet Tubman, as he organized many escapes of enslaved black people and bringing them to Palenque.


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