Catherine Marion | My thoughts on the natural beauty line owned by Nigerian-American sister duo

Updated: Apr 17

Like a lot of my beauty enthusiast friends I have been using extra time indoors to indulge in some of my favorite skincare products including Catherine Marion.

Catherine Marion is a line of hair and now skincare products I was introduced to in 2017. Then I was using their full haircare line which I absolutely adored. I think my hair responded better to their products than anything else I’ve tried. I have a full review and demo here.

In the latter half of 2019 the brand launched a line of skincare to join their original 4-5 haircare products.

The skincare line includes:

Detoxifying Clay Mask & Cleanser

Softening Skin Butter

Argan Oil Infused Moisturizer

The Softening Skin Butter is undoubtedly my favorite of the three. Boasting Kokum Butter, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, TeaTree Oil and Mango Butter as its key ingredients this thang smells AMAZING. It is also incredibly smooth which came a little by surprise to me, because it had a couple of solid flecks in it which may just be a flaw in the mixing of the product. Nonetheless, it melts into the skin perfectly and reminds me of my Hanahana beauty shea body butter. I was actually surprised that the body butter doesn't have shea butter as an ingredient, since most on the market do.. that made it a little unique in my eyes.

I was extremely excited about the dual Cleanser + Mask product, but I am not exactly sure how I feel about this one. Two types of clay, French Green Clay & Dead Sea Clay, are in it and that alone left me a little skeptical since my skin is Dry type. Upon application it applies pretty smoothly and is looser than I expected. The instructions state "Apply a thin layer of clay mask to clean skin, avoiding eye and lip area. Leave mask on 10 minutes until dry, Use warm water in a circular motion to gently remove the mask. Pat dry with a clean cloth". For this reason I assumed the mask would dry, but after 10 minutes it remained the same texture as when I applied it.

This was odd, but relieving because as I mentioned I have dry skin and the drying effect of most clay masks is what irritates my skin. The key ingredient in this product is Soap Berries, which I recognized as the same ingredient in their shampoo. Overall the product is a bit confusing, but my skin did feel extremely clean with no residue or guck left behind!

As for the Argan Infused Moisturizer, I found it to be my second favorite. It feels like a typical lotion texture, which I love a product like this to lock in my serum+oil. It felt lightweight enough, but still heavy duty moisture.

Overall, I was pleased with each product. For an introductory line of skincare products it was very satisfactory and I'm looking forward to seeing the evolution of these products, and maybe even some face oil + serum additions. I will definitely be supporting this black owned business in the future!

Thank you Abby for gifting me the products and always being supportive of my content! Much love to you <3

Cover photo by Ashley Armitage

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