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Athleisure is here to stay: 4 ways to style retro-inspired Italian sportswear ellesse

When I hear the word sportswear my mind jumps to comfort and functionality. What if I told you, you can be comfortable + move around with ease and still serve a good look? That's exactly what I did when styling these pieces from ellesse, the Italian sportswear line making a re-entry into the U.S.

ellesse offers a wide variety of pieces. You can find these and more here in their U.S. retailer, Urban Outfitters. It is safe to say that athleisure isn't going anywhere soon, so here are a few unique and timeless ways to dress it up.

You guys know that transparency is my policy, so it's only like right for me to disclose the fact ellesse was kind enough to gift me 3 pieces from their U.S. range. When selecting which pieces, I tried to keep in mind my personal style. I absolutely love turtlenecks + the color yellow, so this 1/4 zip bodysuit was a no-brainer!

The 1/4th zipper + silver o-ring gave this bodysuit just enough pizazz to be dressed up or down. In this outfit the way I decided to elevate the look was with long drop earrings, a long fabulous faux-fur, and bootie heels.

A way to dress the bodysuit down was with an urban meets rural approach. Up top the puffy coat, glasses, + hoops are common motifs in urban sportswear culture. The bottom half is playing on the 'Western' trend, but believe me when I tell you this is a SOUTHERN girl fit. I feel like this look touches on my personal heritage, being from Chicago + southern Mississippi.


So, I've dressed it up, and down. What about in-between? That's what this brown leather skirt + ellesse Mezzaluna sneaker combo gave me.

In this look I paired the track pant with the Dries booties from look #1. I decided to go for a layered look that could also be worn out to a bar or night-time social setting. The stripe top is made by me, and I thought it complimented the red & blue stripes on the pants. Finally, a suede/shearling vest on top for warmth, because I don't play about getting cold.

Let me know your thoughts on the pieces. Leave a comment! Will you be giving athleisure a spin and shopping with ellesse?

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