3 Independent Black fashion lines + New Airmax Dia #ootd

Happy Black History Month! I thought one way I would celebrate my people is by highlighting a few different independent black artisans & their fashion lines.

The ethos of these lines is what makes them special. Each of the 3 is grounded in the black experience with narratives of progression! So let's get into the fit + this Black Excellence.

This outfit is definitely one of my more casual looks. For those who don't know, I am a part-time teaching artist, so these are technically my work clothes. I work in a studio/gallery setting so I like to keep comfy. If I must have one comfortable item shoes are always that one.

Shoe: Nike Airmax Dia

I was graciously gifted a pair of Nike Airmax Dia. This is the newest style of the Max and is available specifically at Nordstrom's!

The colorssss are everything. I am a fan of off-white/cream & white together, so this shoe has my vote.


The tee by SQUAD is easily the highlight of this post. The tee features Kwame Nkrumah, one of our great Pan-African leaders, revolutionary and the first prime minister & president of Ghana that led the county to independence from Britain. I find it so important to educate ourselves on and give reverence to our leaders who have transitioned, and the Tee is such a good way to do that in everyday life.

When I first saw the collection 'Stronger Together' the word that came to mind was Iconic. A line of tees, and cut & sew tops that feature images of Black Liberation leaders + words and phrases signifying black unity. Here are a few pics from the collections Lookbbok!

Jeans: DEADMAN 6ft

High waist black wash denim accompanied with dual zippers at the ankle. When my friend Steve, designer of DEADMAN6ft told me he had a pair of samples for me I was thrilled. I have known Steven since 4th grade, and to see the level of craftsmanship he puts into his pieces is inspiring. As kids we would argue about who can draw better, and it still is me but he fasho has me beat on pants making.

View his collection of tees, hoodies, and unique denim pants here.

Necklace: Beads by Aree

Not to toot my own horn, but if you know anything about me you know my accessories game is kinda um... Immaculate? I will gladly attribute a great portion of that to Aree of BeadsybAree. This neckpiece is is the 'Ori' choker from her collection 'You are in the Water'.

What I adore most about Aree's work is that each piece of jewelry has a story that is clearly communicated to the viewer. She calls it, "Whimsical and imaginative wearable art". I would have to agree 100%. Here are a few photos of some of her other pieces!

The Jacket is from Nak-d fashion. Also, see this important ass art installation I'm seated on? It's a piece from Aram Han Sifuentes exhibition TO WARD OFF AUTHORITIES AND TO PROTECT MY NEIGHBORS. On view at the Hyde Park Art Center.

....so, how was that for my first post back? I've been gone for 3 decades, but I am here to stay. I look forward to creating a multitude of posts this year. I'm gearing myself to approach fashion from a more refined and progressive POV, so this was my start! Leave a comment, tell me what you thought of these pieces + what you would like to see from me next!

Until next time.


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