5 Facial Beauty Products to try This Fall

Although fall technically began September 21, the onset of October always really sets the mood. This fall there are a variety of products that have worked their way into my travel bag and my daily product shelf! Here are some of them:

1. Glamglow Galactic Cleanse $34

This hydrating jelly balm cleanser is the product my super dry skin has been waiting for. Applied to a dry face, and then lathered with water, this cleansers jelly consistency provides for super moisturized and supple feeling skin.I would typically use this in the morning, or after a night out to get rid of makeup!

2. LUSH Lickable Honey Lip Scrub $10

An old favorite of mine. A sugar infused lip scrub perfect for fall weather, because crusty lips are a huge turn off. Especially with fuller lips like mine LOL! This product is super easy to use, and edible so no need for rinsing off. I use it in the morning after brushing my teeth.

3. Vegetable Glycerin $8

With dry skin you can never go wrong with too much moisturizer. One of the 3 moisturizers I have been loving is natural organic vegetable glycerin. You may be wondering, what is it? It's a clear odorless liquid produced from various plant oils. It's thick consistence locks in moisture, and leaves my skin feeling baby-bottom soft. It also has a variety of other uses including completion toning!

4. Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer $24

If you're like me and pretty much everyone else in the world? Your complexion may get a few shades lighter in the winter. This bronzer is perfect for warming up the face, and creating a bit of depth! Super easy to use, and the roll-on technology makes for a few swipes and a lil finger blending.

5. Bare Minerals BAREPRO Liquid Foundation $34

This 24-hour, lightweight, but full-coverage foundation is an absolute dream. It is one of my favorite foundations I have ever tried. Due to dry skin, I lean towards products that are liquid during cold weather seasons. This is the perfect foundation, and it comes with an amazing foundation brush.

What products are you excited to try this fall? Leave a comment!

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