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Trying 100% Natural Haircare... I LOVE it!

These days I am starting to believe that being "natural" shouldn't just mean not relaxed, but using 100% natural and organic hair care. After all, what is the point of cutting chemicals like perm/relaxer, if we are still using the bad stuff in our shampoos/conditioners?

Last week I decided to give to give Catherine Marion haircare a try. CM is black owned business, founded by sisters Abbie and Ivie Omoruyi. They specialize in 100% Natural products for textured hair, and also sell wigs too! I tried 4 products, the shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and oil!

Here's My Thoughts on Each!

Earth Clay Clensing Shampoo

This shampoo smelled absolutely amazing. It's two main ingredients are Rhassoul Clay and Soap Berries. It contains no pudding agent chemicals, but is replaced wit soap berries. This results in not much lathering/sudding while washing the hair. I'll admit that it felt pretty strong at first, but my hair still felt squeaky clean afterwards!

Mooring Infused Softening Conditioner

Immediately following shampoo rinsing, I applied two generous squirts of this shampoo into my hair. I began my detailing process by finger combing this product through my hair. It provided an amazing amount of slip and made my hair fill very fluffy! It says on the bottle that it can be used for a quick rinse, or left on for a deep-conditioning.

Moisturizing Aloe Vera Leave-in Conditioner

Ingredients include aloe vera, and other essential oils. This left my curls feeling extremely moisturized. I did my typical wash and go detangling and defining using this product, and the results were one of my most fluffy an full wash and go's to date. Watch more here to see how it was achieved!

Moisture Seal Oil

The final product was this moisture sealing oil composed of, jojoba and vitamin e oil. It's aim is to be similar to that of the oil our scalps produce, with hopes of the scalp and hair welcoming and responding well to it. I definitely found that after completing the entire routine and finishing with this oil, my hair retained moisture far longer than normal.

Overall, this line gets a 10/10 from me. Thanks Catherine Marion for gifting them to me!

What do you think of the Cathrine Marion product line up?

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