5 Tips to Aid in Developing Your Personal Style

A person's style says a lot about them and has the power to make a great or terrible first impression. For me, personal style is essential to looking and feeling good. The great thing about it is it's "personal" for a reason. This means your style should be tailored to you. Here are 5 tips to developing your own personal style.

1. Don't Always Follow Trends

Trends can be a true breaker in personal style. I know for a long time when I started blogging,

I found myself conforming to trends, and wearing things I truly loved less. In retrospect, I hate myself for it. You don't have to fit in, and be apart of every trend. If there's a trend you're genuinely fond of it, by all means participate. But, don't feel like you have to have/wear something because everyone else does!

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2. Find A Style Inspiration

Being inspired is half of the developing you need. Find 2-3(or however many) people's styles that you love. You can draw inspiration from textures, shapes, and colors they wear to incorporate them into your own looks. I know for me I am ALWAYS inspired by Diana Ross. I try to add a touch of Diana to everything I wear. Weather it's a little sparkle, dramatic jewels, or makeup. It's ok to be inspired by other people, just don't become carbon-copies.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle/Goals

Not only should your style of dress be about comfortably expressing yourself, but it should also be fit to your lifestyle. What image do you want to portray to the world? Always keep in mind your line of work/and business. You want your style to match you in all areas.

4. Be A Smart Shopper

You don't have to have a ton of clothes, or a bunch of expensive items to have a bomb style. 1. Shop for items your wardrobe actually needs. 2. Spend wisely or trendy pieces that you might not like in a few months. And only splurge on items you are sure you love and that are high quality wardrobe staples.

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5. Be Unapologetically You

If you like Victorian style long dresses, wear them. If you like bootcut pants, wear them! If you like to wear 12 colors at once, or one color, wear it! You don't owe anyone an explanation on your dress of choice. The first step in developing personal style comes with you actually being true to what you like.

Photo via Style Du Monde

What tips have helped you throughout your personal style journey? Leave a comment!

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