Top 8 Often-Forgotten Wardrobe Staples

A solid wardrobe starts with the basics, as they will act as the foundation of many of your looks. From here you can add all the crazy, funky, and trendy pieces, and end up with a well put together collection of clothing. But wardrobe staples don't always have to be the same, not everyone wants a white tee and jeans! Here are some timeless wardrobe staples that I feel are often forgotten about. Whether you're looking to revamp your wardrobe, or completely refresh, these items will get you right!

1. Fancy Flats

A pair of flat's that are not sneakers, are in my opinion one of the best shoes ever. These are perfect for when you want to dress your outfit up, but

don't necessarily want to wear heels. The perfect in between to heels or sneakers.

Yule Yie Flats


My Version

$20 MiuMiu Dupes from Shein

2. White Blouse

My favorite top ever. This isn't limited to a button up, you can go off the shoulder, one-shoulder, even a tank!

Storets $60 | Dupe for $20 at Shein

3. Statement Belt

A statement belt has the potential to be the center of an outfit. It often brings pieces together or may act as a wow factor

for any bland outfit. Lately I've been opting for belts a lot, my Gucci Marmont being my most worn.

A great place to find funky statement belts is at local thrift shops!

4. A Reformation or Reformation-esque Dress

Reformation is hands down one of my favorite fashion brands. The produce extremely high quality and timeless style very feminine pieces.

And they are all about ethics and sustainability. If you you've ever wanted to pretend to be une file française, this is where you'd head!

All dresses Reformation

5. Designer Investment Bag

This is one of those items I am still working on acquiring. I have a few, but not the one. If you can splurge, this

is the item you'd want to spend your coins on. When choosing a designer bag, try to pick a timeless style. Something that will look good in many years to come. If you can't afford to, like me, dupes are always an option!

6. Colorful Outerwear

Cute outerwear is seriously a top-notch essential. When it's chilly, you NEED outerwear that will amplify and be just as cute as the fit it's self.

I personally get sick of my plain leather jacket. Opt for an embroidered jean jacket, colorful hear jacket, or faux fur!

Topshop Leader Jacket $75

This year my colorful Ostrich feather faux fur was my jam this beginning half of 2017!Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange for $35

7. A Variety of Earrings

Is it just me or has everyone forgotten about the beauty of a great pair of earrings. I love to switch

it up in this area, and you should too!

My earrings Bergners $6

8. Fashion Glasses

A good pair of readers are ALWAYS a look. They add the perfect amount of sass and funk to anything!

My green square frames from Nasty Gal are my holygrail. These candy frames are from there as well and are super fire.

What's your #1 Wardrobe Staple? Leave a comment!

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