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5 Major Ways to get Creative Juices Flowing

Be it artist, businesswoman, engineer, or librarian, we all have to incorporate creative thinking in our careers or our lives period. Our fast past working and social lives, in conjunction with rapidly growing digital world can make for a creative roadblock. Here are some great ways to overcome that stuck feeling and get the juices going!

1. Set parameters. One thing I've learned in my short career as an art student is that setting strict boundaries is ok. Having too many possibilities can be overwhelming and result in not knowing where to start. Set up a few rules to follow and start creating within those limitations.

2. Keep a Journal/Sketchbook. During times of creative hardship, it is important to write down the ideas that do come to us. Some great ideas can come to mind throughout the day, and having a book to log them in will be beneficial. When you sit down to create, you will have a log of ideas and thoughts to expand on.

3. Experience something new. Try something new in your neighborhood. Visit a park you've never seen, and if you can afford it travel. Seeing new sights, or old sights with new eyes can open your mind.

4. Steal like an artist. Like the book by Austin Kleon... STEAL, COPY, APPROPRIATE!!! Ok, not really, but don't worry about your work being super original. In times of creative drought you want to create anything, so don't put to much emphasis on original ideas. One of my mentors used to say that he created work that "responds to" various artists. Create your version of an already existing work, borrow ideas and motifs from your favorite artists.

5. Look at the artists work. This one is my absolute favorite. Something about seeing the magic that other people create inspires me to get creative. Go to your local museum, gallery, or even see street art. Making a habit of surrounding yourself with art will inspire art to come from you.

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